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MidSouth Story: “Honey, you need more padding than that”

July 8, 2010
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Yesterday afternoon I was mindlessly flipping through the bra rack at Ross in Collierville.

An ederly woman with a spray of grey-white hair tapped me on the shoulder as I examined a  polka-dot brazier.

“Honey, you need more padding than that,” she said with a wink. She proceeded to cup her breasts and say, “But don’t worry, you can have some of mine.”

She laughed and walked away. Only in Memphis.


Memphis Eats: Restaurant Iris

June 17, 2010
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Chef Kelly English stunned me and the magazine ladies with his creative food creations. The restaurant is in a renovated house in a residential neighborhood. It’s quaint and super location-specific. Restaurant Iris is one of the many locally owned Memphis restaurants I’ve eaten at the past couple of days. Work retreats are great, the food is greater.

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Southern Woman Cooks Quiche

June 9, 2010
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This past semester my dear friends, Southern Belle (SB), Blonde Girl (BG) and I were at my apartment to prepare a meal. Per usual, my fridge was nearly empty.

I assumed that we’d have to order pizza or make some instant mac-and-cheese. I was embarrassed. I was hosting at my apartment and should have had a well-stocked pantry and a bottle of pink champagne on hand for the occasion.


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