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Memphis Eats: Tops Bar-B-Q

July 25, 2010
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After being told about it again and again, finally DB and I made it to Tops Bar-B-Q for a late afternoon lunch. We went to the location in the University of Memphis neighborhood.

On the way over, I asked what I should order. “Well,” DB said, “Either a pulled pork sandwich or the hamburger.”

“A hamburger?” I asked. “How can it be? They serve hamburgers and bar-b-q?”

They do.

We both ordered #1’s which come with your choice of two sides. I chose fries (highly recommended by DB) and beans. He chose fries and chips.

The restaurant was very chilly so we sat by the window. When our order was called, DB went to go get it. It was bagged up.

“Did you want this for here sweetie?” the lady cook asked. DB said “yes.” “Of course you did,” she said and popped the order taker up-side the head. She put our order on a tray and sent DB back to our table.

The sandwich was the best pulled pork I’ve had in Memphis. The meat is topped with slaw. The beans have chunks of meat in them. I suggest spooning them upon the sandwich as I did. Superb.
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Memphis Eats: Boscos

July 12, 2010
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“I wanted to seem so at home here that you could slap a 38104 bumper sticker on my ass and call me a Volkswagen.”

I first  heard about the magical place called Boscos from a new friend, B, who is a waiter there. All of the people I was with said, ‘oh Boscos, they brew their own beer, ahhhtastic.’

I wanted to show my parents new places they don’t have back home (which is easy considering home is the big ice block up north) and also show them that I know a lot about where I live. I wanted to do as the locals do. I wanted to seem so at home that you could slap a 38104 bumper sticker on my ass and call me a volkswagen. I wanted my parents to see that I was doing fine on my own.

Returning from a shopping trip to Collierville one evening, my mother declared that she did not in fact want to return to the hotel to change into nice clothes and go to Flemings to eat. Since we’d already visited many Midtown haunts, including but not limited to Do Sushi, Cafe Ole (where we Ole’d a little too hard on Monday bo-go margaritas and had to return to the hotel for a sobering nap fest), and Young Avenue Deli, I suggested we go to Boscos.

We were seated on the porch and handed the beer (pronounced burr round these yonder parts) and eats menus to peruse. It was a lovely evening and I was super excited to suck down some locally brewed beverages. I went with the IPA, my father chose the brown ale and my mother, ever the dandy, ordered a cosmo. The place was a-buzz with big and small groups, a lot of families as well. This is the type of crowd that you would expect to see at Chili’s. I was surprised at the extensive and reasonably priced menu options (few things over $20) that included Ahi tuna, fried calamari and margarita pizza.

I ordered the fried Ahi tuna. I’ve never had battered tuna before and I was delighted at the prospect of having raw fish in a fried casing. I’d recommend this dish, though perhaps with a bit of soy sauce because the sauce was a bit on the bland side. The vegetables were buttery, salty and delicious, definitely not your average push-to-the-side dish. Mom ordered the special of the day, which was some sort of fish encrusted in pecan. We all agreed that hers was the best.

There are additional Boscos locations in Nashville, Franklin and Little Rock, so eating here is not super local but it South local. So get your south on.

It turned out that my friend B was working. He came up to the table and introduced himself to my parents. They were excited that the friends that I have been telling them about are indeed not made up.

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Memphis Eats: Flight

June 25, 2010
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The womens’ specialty magazine I am interning for treated us ladies to lunch at Flight. This was my first taste of downtown upscale–no ragging on Gus’s, but I’d say it’s more southern kitchen. The restaurant was busy with business suits and client meetings. It’s not quite the place you slip off your shoes and let you hair down. Our waitresses was so sweet and knowledgeable about the menu. She kindly explained that the “flights” on the menu come in three courses served at once. The triads compliment each other and are grouped by city.


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