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Update: Stella Strip Club?

July 20, 2010
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The day I posted about my trip to Stella, the coastal club and lounge announced on their Facebook page they would be closing for business for the next six weeks to complete renovations.

Before I ever stepped through those rhinestone encrusted doors, I heard a rumor-rumor from my coworker that Stella was built to be a strip club but was unable to open as such because of its proximity to nearby schools.

Now, decide on your own what you believe, but have you noticed just how lovely those stick ladies look up on the balcony? After Stella closed I had the opportunity to chat with a Stella employee (or former employee for now I suppose). This person said that rumor amongst the staff is that the club is closing to make changes that would make it a better strip club. She also said that the staff has not been told whether or not it is true, but she did say that the staff has been told that the columns/second story you can see in the picture are not structurally sound to hold ladies, er, people.

The Facebook page neither confirms or denies the dancing claims. Memphis Daily News said on June 15 that the club has filed a few building permits, including on to add an additional parking lot to the space.


Memphis Goes: Stella Marris

July 12, 2010
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Everyone at the club was getting tipsy.

It was a hot night.

We were supposed to go to post-drug-bust Fox and Hound but DB got a phone call instructing us to put our dancing shoes on and head over to the club.

That was supposed to be a strip club.

Even though I am a lady, I did not get in free.

I did the Cupid Shuffle. DB did not want to get down. We left around 2 a.m.. Don’t bring a concealed weapon because they swipe and pat you down before you go in.

The near nut grab DB received from the bouncer was almost worth price of admission.

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