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Memphis Eats: Do Sushi + Noodles

July 26, 2010
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Do Sushi and Noodles in the Cooper-Young district is a bit of a poser. I mean it’s not really Japanese. Here are some reasons:

1. They have sushi featuring bacon

2. There are no lucky plastic cat figurines with bobbing paws

3. The waitstaff was entirely Caucasian

So in conclusion, Do is more Japanese fusion than straight up Japanese. Nothing wrong with that. The building has that old and renovated look, which seems a bit off with sushi. Our table was very small for the three in our party–which would have been fine except my father bemoaned the fact that he was left facing the wall.

If I was rating with stars I would have to give the restaurant a star for treating my family so kindly when we came in 30 minutes before the restaurant closed. My mother ordered a shrimp and fried rice dish which was huge. My father and I ordered sushi.

I was impressed with my strawberry drizzled sushi, however, if you’re looking for non-specialty, non-funky ingredients sushi this isn’t your place. I’d recommend Do as a first date location because though limited, the menu is interesting enough to keep conversation going for a long while. Unless your date is boring. Or doesn’t like sushi. But as a go-to sushi location, I’m still shopping around for a place with more selection.
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Best of Memphis

July 23, 2010
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The other day DB and I walked into one of our favorite haunts, Young Avenue Deli, and our bartender was jumping for joy.

“Gabe, I like your new haircut,” DB said.

DB, a real Memphian (unlike myself), has grown to know and love Mr. Gabe DeRanzo. Gabe’s been bartending at Young Ave for a while now and he’s, well, the best. Turns out that Mr. Gabe was excited because he’s been nominated and is in the running for best bartender in Memphis.

Around town I see people getting excited for thisĀ Memphis Flyer ‘best of’ competition. It supports local business! Yes! and encourages people to get out and try new stuff! Yes! I love that people are excited about this because, brother, print newspaper and magazines are not dead, they’re just sleeping.

Please take a moment to vote for Gabe even if you’ve never been to Memphis. If I knew him better I’m sure he’d be a friend, but he’s a friend of DB and an upstanding guy. Oh yes, and one time he gave me a free PBR, which I then dropped on the floor by accident. And he only laughed a little.

Mr. Gabe also said that if (when) he wins, he’ll throw a BIG party and Young Ave.

    Find it:

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