Memphis Y'all: Two Months Midsouth


June 27, 2010
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I recently stumbled upon blogger extrodinaire Paul Ryburn. He’s been blogging daily about Memphis for years. He declared this month tube top month…and I brought it up when I saw a chick rocking a tube top in TJ Mulligans the other day and my group was like duhuh. Here are five reasons I like Mr. Ryburn and you should check him out:

1. He drinks PBR.

2. He puts pictures of women on his blog simply because they are attractive and in Memphis. He seems to really just love women.

3. He has the stamina to keep it (the blog) going for years.

4. He’s funny.

5. He shows love to other bloggers, most recently Hungry Memphis, another personal favorite.


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Budget Bites: Surprise Fried Rice

June 27, 2010
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I made this recipe for my girls back home and it was a hit. There’s something fantastic about pineapple in fried rice that just makes me say aha! Fried rice is great as left overs and it makes a ton. Don’t be too heavy-handed on the soy sauce, though, you can always more in the individual dish.

Surprise Fried Rice

Surprise Fried Rice is adapted from Take-out Fried Rice on Recipezaar by Chef Dee.


3 cups cooked white rice

3 tablespoons sesame oil

1 12oz package of frozen vegetables (peas, carrots, corn)

1 small can pineapples, drained (I bought the rings and chopped them up)

½ ham steak (divide the rest into individual bags and freeze for later!)

3 eggs, slightly beaten

1/3 cup soy sauce


In a large skillet heat the sesame oil. Add the frozen vegetables. Stir ham and pineapple, continue to stir and cook until vegetables have softened. Lower the heat and add the beaten egg, stirring until it is finely scrambled. Add the soy sauce, and rice, blend well. Splash a little more sesame oil over the rice if necessary.

Memphis Eats: Flight

June 25, 2010
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The womens’ specialty magazine I am interning for treated us ladies to lunch at Flight. This was my first taste of downtown upscale–no ragging on Gus’s, but I’d say it’s more southern kitchen. The restaurant was busy with business suits and client meetings. It’s not quite the place you slip off your shoes and let you hair down. Our waitresses was so sweet and knowledgeable about the menu. She kindly explained that the “flights” on the menu come in three courses served at once. The triads compliment each other and are grouped by city.


Eating local has NEVER been more fantastic!

June 24, 2010
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visit cute stew

Because of Muddy’s Bake Shop‘s adorable blog I learned about fellow Memphis blogger Cute Stew’s (CS) eat local challenge. It’s perfect. So far as I know this just happened. CS is rounding up all the Memphis foodie bloggers in an effort to get the WORD OUT about local restaurants.

Now my homeskillets in Austin know how to do it right. We rode (have ridden?) through the recession with flying colors because of the amount of support for local businesses in Austin. I’m so thrilled to see the same support in M-town and hello, like I need another reason to eat at the fine dining locations throughout the city. So here’s how the project goes: each week CS will pick a topic such as coffee bars and she will send us like ants throughout the city to photograph and patronize whichever location we choose. The challenge ends on August 1–which is great because my Mid-South challenge end then too with my return to Austin. Oh and Roll Tide Roll.

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Update: Where the hail storm have I been?

June 24, 2010
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Downtown Memphis Building

There’s a lot of exciting stuff about to be posted. I got a job at a womens’ upscale retail location to compliment my job at the womens’ specialty magazine. It’s lovely. I met a heard of Memphians DT who have slowly begun to show me their turf, one pint at a time. Last night I saw two bar fights. Like woah. I got a tattoo- just kidding. You think I can afford that? I’ve been buying the runny ketchup and cheap toilet paper for weeks now. I’m beginning to feel like a working journalist. Peace out my homies!

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Memphis Eats: Central BBQ

June 20, 2010
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Cruising around my neck of the hoods, I spotted Central BBQ. Back in the day when I was still in Austin, when I’d mention Memphis folks would always say, ‘Oh Memphis, there’s a great music scene there and fantastic bar-b-que.’ I aching for my AP Style book right now to get the correct spelling on bbq. There are likely as many spellings for the dish as there are cuts of meat and ways of preparation.

I started asking the locals (the ladies in the office and my roommates) about Central. They all said, ‘mmmm.’ While a moan isn’t quite an Urban Spoon review, it means a lot (in the best of circumstances). My thorough research has also taught me that I should request the Memphis-specialty ‘dry rub.’ Don’t shoot me, but I’m not quite sure what the difference between a wet and dry rub are. The meat in the picture looks juicy, right? Well, that’s a dry rub. I feel the itch of future blog post about the difference between the two rubs.


Five Ways to Look Fantastic Naked

June 19, 2010
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No one seems to be able to keep their AC working. It’s hotter than ever in Memphis. We’re young. We’re fun. Why not go topless? Why not go bottomless? Why not just go naked? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve checked beneath the circus big-top to see what your fine hills and valleys are looking like, with these tips you’ll be ready to go au natural like you being paid for it.

1) Paint yourself black. It’s slimming. Consider taking one from nature: zebra stripes, Dalmatian spots, Holstein cow patches.

2) Flattering furniture. When your recliner is two-stories tall you look tiny. Utilize a wide screen television, a wide load truck and an overstuffed love-sac to lounge upon.

3) Let your body hair grow. Not only may you be able to cover you unmentionables with your luscious locks, your hairy situation will carry eyes away from your less toned tummy, arms or buttocks area.

4) Get an offensive tattoo. Try “I **** your ex” or “**** is a real jerk” or “I was Clinton’s first wife.” As long as people are looking at your trashy tat you’re looking good. Hey girl, take a walk on the wild side. Don’t forget that you can tattoo your junk, which is good because if you need to hide it you can put it in the trunk.

5) Pepper spray in the eyes. When you feel like your brain is on fire everyone looks good.

Memphis Eats: Restaurant Iris

June 17, 2010
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Chef Kelly English stunned me and the magazine ladies with his creative food creations. The restaurant is in a renovated house in a residential neighborhood. It’s quaint and super location-specific. Restaurant Iris is one of the many locally owned Memphis restaurants I’ve eaten at the past couple of days. Work retreats are great, the food is greater.

Restaurant Iris on Urbanspoon

Bachelorette Should Give TN Man, Ty Brown, a Rose

June 15, 2010
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1)      He can sing. Ali dear, there is nothing better than a man who can sing you a country song about paying the bills. Just be careful, rumor has it that he’s using you to jump-start his singing career to pay them bills. Be careful that he doesn’t “Oops, I did it again” you and drop you like a hot potato when the next money-making opportunity comes along.

2)      He’s got big arms. Sweetheart, you know you’ll be towing your car when you get into a Memphis-style wreck. If you plan on moving to his hometown, Nashville, you’re going to need a man who can do some heavy lifting—like lifting you up to hail the tow truck down the road. Now isn’t that sweet.


Budget Bites: Poppy Seed Chicken

June 13, 2010
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I miss HEB, which should be HEC because Here Everything is Cheaper. Tax on food in Memphis is 9 percent. It’s hard to believe. I’m used to buying groceries in Texas, spending 60 buck and leaving with nearly a month’s worth of food. Now, I can’t seem to leave the Kroger without spending 30 dollars for less than a week’s worth of food.

Earlier this week I asked friends on Facebook what their favorite cheap meal was. Thanks for responding y’all. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try out your suggestions and Blog about them. Please send more suggestions!

To start, I made a Macrander family favorite, Poppy Seed Chicken. It’s not fancy, it’s not gourmet, but it certainly is a family pleaser and it does just lovely when re-heated. Can I get some love from the soup-containing recipes? After talking to Dad, I learned that every member of our family has made this dish—though Dad probably made it wearing his chef coat. It’s simple and cheap-so duh.


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