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Eating local has NEVER been more fantastic! | June 24, 2010

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Because of Muddy’s Bake Shop‘s adorable blog I learned about fellow Memphis blogger Cute Stew’s (CS) eat local challenge. It’s perfect. So far as I know this just happened. CS is rounding up all the Memphis foodie bloggers in an effort to get the WORD OUT about local restaurants.

Now my homeskillets in Austin know how to do it right. We rode (have ridden?) through the recession with flying colors because of the amount of support for local businesses in Austin. I’m so thrilled to see the same support in M-town and hello, like I need another reason to eat at the fine dining locations throughout the city. So here’s how the project goes: each week CS will pick a topic such as coffee bars and she will send us like ants throughout the city to photograph and patronize whichever location we choose. The challenge ends on August 1–which is great because my Mid-South challenge end then too with my return to Austin. Oh and Roll Tide Roll.


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  1. cool challenge. amazing I find new Memphis blogs everyday.

    Comment by Sophorn McRae — June 29, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

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