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Memphis Eats: Central BBQ | June 20, 2010

Cruising around my neck of the hoods, I spotted Central BBQ. Back in the day when I was still in Austin, when I’d mention Memphis folks would always say, ‘Oh Memphis, there’s a great music scene there and fantastic bar-b-que.’ I aching for my AP Style book right now to get the correct spelling on bbq. There are likely as many spellings for the dish as there are cuts of meat and ways of preparation.

I started asking the locals (the ladies in the office and my roommates) about Central. They all said, ‘mmmm.’ While a moan isn’t quite an Urban Spoon review, it means a lot (in the best of circumstances). My thorough research has also taught me that I should request the Memphis-specialty ‘dry rub.’ Don’t shoot me, but I’m not quite sure what the difference between a wet and dry rub are. The meat in the picture looks juicy, right? Well, that’s a dry rub. I feel the itch of future blog post about the difference between the two rubs.

I picked up Central takeout on my way to the work retreat a few days ago. That aluminum sleeve my meat is resting on kept that baby warm for the entire hour it took me to find the hotel. I was less than thrilled with the ice tea. I felt like it could have been sweeter, but what do I know? My standard of perfection is Milo’s iced tea and it’s pretty much more simple sugar than tea. It is glorious. The sides were kind of bland, but they’re not really the star–are they? The meat itself was spicy and salty on top (thinking this the dry rub)  but oh-so-moist on the inside. I finally understood the ‘mmmmmm’ from those who recommend Central. All in all it was a BIG meal, but I was about to eat my arm so I ate it all in one sitting. The total cost was $25, but I could have been just fine without the sides or the pie. On a final note, the peanut butter pie was delish.

Central BBQ (Midtown) on Urbanspoon


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