Memphis Y'all: Two Months Midsouth

“A Little Taste of Italy Right Here in Memphis!” | June 5, 2010

Yesterday I went to the 21st annual Memphis Italian Festival. It’s been raining quite a bit here, but it turned out to be a lovely, hot day.

Teams from all around come to Memphis for the many Italian food cook-off throughout the three day festival. Even though it’s an Italian Fest there was so much beer. I could never figure out where all that beer was coming from though.

The tents covered all of Marquette Park. There weren’t many people there when I went around 2 p.m. but as the day went on the crowd picked up. The white tent to the right housed cooking demos, the highlight of my time at the Fest. The first cooking demo I went to was hosted by Cardamone Cafe. We learned to make Salvatore. During the demo I sat next to the oldest Father in the Memphis diocese. He lives in a retired Fathers’ home now and I got to meet the homes cook and housekeeper.

The next presentation was held by Whole Foods Market. The showed us how to make a watermelon/strawberry/basil chilled salad. They also said that kale (the frilly crap you never put on your burger) is the HEALTHIEST vegi known to man right now. Go figure?

So, you can’t go to an Italian Fest without getting anĀ ItalianĀ ice. I thought I was going to get a snow cone, but this treat was delicious. It’s from Mama D’s Italian Ice trailer. This Memphis gem travels around, Austin style to Farmers Markets and other surprise locations. Hungry Memphis wrote about Mama D’s a last summer. The ice had bits of lemon rind and was perfectly sweet and tart.


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