Memphis Y'all: Two Months Midsouth

I’m a Memphian | June 3, 2010

Dear Austin, Texas:

Two weeks ago I was in You.  I left behind my lovely apartment, my roommates, and my comfy UTexas life (though I’m still hook ’em up here). I left behind the knowledge of where to grocery shop, where to go for a run, where peruse the gosh-darn Goodwill. I’ve been very blessed in that my Craigslist roommates are not crazed axe-murders, though to my grandmother’s dismay they are men. I’m also lucky that our third roommate (the girl) seems to like me well enough–so she’s a dog, you haven’t seen me in morning before my hair is combed and I’ve put my face on.

The first week in Memphis was pretty lonely. If it weren’t for TomTom I’m pretty sure that I would still be lost on Elvis Presley Blvd on my way to the Walmart. I’m finding that sometimes it’s worth getting lost. Fresh eyes on an ol’ place mean that I get the opportunity to be a tourist and ask questions. Where should I take my car to diagnose the WRRRR sound? Where can I get a cheap coffee? Where can I buy hard…wait, just kidding, err probably Dirty Park or up Lamar. So far if you’re still reading GOOD, I’ve just said a whole lot of nothing.

I’m carrying around a reporter pad. I’m writing down the names of shops and restaurants and doing a lot of Yelping. Last week, Fearless Fellow Intern (FFI) and I checked out Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I’m working on a review and I promise to post pictures. I’ve fallen in love with I Love Memphis Blog, her daily posts and full-color photographs. So I’m not quite a Memphian, ILM’s blog makes it easier to walk and talk like I know my knees from my elbows around town. On that note, where the heavens is a good dry cleaner?

Talk to y’all soon and have a blessed weekend!

Here are a few things I’ll be up to over the next 2 weeks:

-Italian Festival

-The Memphis Botanic Garden

-Farmers Market

– Improv class

-A recipe for pan-fried chicken (Southern Cook’s Handbook)


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  1. Haha awesome post! I like how you worked in a shout out to Goodwill, lol. I look forward to your post on the Italian Festival!

    Comment by G-Lo — June 3, 2010 @ 10:00 pm

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