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Otherlands Coffee Bar: Southern Belles with Tats | June 2, 2010

Otherlands Coffee BarIt’s lovely to be back home after spending the holiday weekend in Homewood, AL with my mother’s side of the family. Roll tide roll, Granddad. I be that you were right that the guy who cut you off in traffic was an Auburn SOB.

This evening I’m trying out a new coffee spot, Otherlands Coffee Bar. The shop is located on Cooper, in the heart (or perhaps the loins-it’s a bit lower than the heart) of  Midtwn. It’s got the swanky-mellow vibe of Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin. Check it, I’m blogging on free wifi (pronounce weefee in some countrys, I hear, obviously the Amer’can pronunciation).

It’s a lovely breezy evening and the cafe is plesently populated by people with dyed hair and piercings. There are more tats on the arms of these patrons than jewels in the queen’s crown. Southern Living should consider running an article on body art cover up for debutant balls and cousin Sue-Anne’s wedding, bless her heart. I’ve found a little piece of Austin encrusted in the Midsouth. The cafe is vegan/vegitarian friendly and they serve New Castle from the bottle. There are only so many places down south where it’s not out of place to hear “hey did you leave the lube on the counter?” shouted across the porch. Too bad it closes at 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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